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Providing hope and transforming lives.

One life at a time.




In 2004, Tanya Miller, our founder, engaged with others on a local and national level to serve the "least of these". Through visiting the incarcerated and serving the homeless, she felt the Lord calling her to serve internationally, so she packed her bags and traveled to Uganda, Africa. She quickly saw that the simple act of an available education could truly change a life.

So, in 2007, Tanya sponsored one student named Hope. She paid her school fees, boarding fees, provided encouragement, and shared the love of Jesus. Hope, who once had limited opportunities is now a nurse in her village and showing Acts of Love to those in need, just as Tanya had for her.

Since 2007, Global Tendo La Upendo has sponsored more children, trained teachers, provided villages with clean water, visited the incarcerated all while sharing the love and principles of God's Word.

Each Act of Love has empowered the people to seek the hope and future that God intends for them to live. We look forward to sharing Acts of Love wherever God will send us.

Acts of Love

(Uganda, Africa - March 2024)



Visiting the incarcerated, teaching

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, feeding the homeless and providing after school tutoring.

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Sharing the gospel with those in crisis, training, and providing "Family Day" Experiences in prisons.

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Providing quality education, clean water, and improved socio-economic development for the marginalized.



We are thankful that our reach has been locally, nationally, and internationally because of the faithfulness of Globel Tendo La Upendo to assist the marginalized.​

United Nation's 17 Global Goals

As we implement the mission of Global TLU, we are excited that world leaders agree with our desire to empower the lives of others. We share 9 of the 17 United Nations Global Goals (Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs). Their initiative is to create a better world by 2030 by ending poverty, fighting inequality, and addressing the urgency of climate change. Global TLU stands with them. Working together we can build a better future.

Learn more about the 17 goals:


"I was in Medlock Youth Village last year and you visited me. You said, 'when God gives you a do-over don't waste it.' I wanted you to know that I am not wasting my do-over. I got out of the detention center and I am living with my aunt. I attend McKinney North High School and I am making better choices".​

- High School Student

"Thank you for willing to come under a bridge to see about me, that's love because you don't even know me."

- Michael, homeless man in Florida

"I am someone because I am learned"

- Hope, former student sponsored by Global TLU

"We have been praying for clean water since the 70's and today our prayers have been answered. Today we have clean water."

- Villager at Water Well Dedication (July 2019)


We are thankful for these organizations that we can partner with to help the marginalized.

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