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Tanya Miller, our founder has always been a person who loves others well.

    -She has a heart for the marginalized, because she knows what it is like to be poor and struggling to make a way for yourself.

    -She grew up in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan to a teenage single mother.

    - Her mother sacrificed by working long hours, so that Tanya could attend a college

       preparatory high school and be the first in her family to attend and graduate from college.


Throughout her life, Tanya has served in her community as a teacher, mentor, tutor and coach with a spirit of love, kindness and a willingness to offer a helping hand. The Global Tendo La Upendo team is an extension of who Tanya is in her being and the life principles that have shaped her character are displayed in each Act of Love, as we share with others.

Global Tendo La Upendo’s reach in our community


As we implement our Global TLU mission we are excited that world leaders agree, of the United Nations 17 Global Goals

(officially known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs) we share 9 of those 17 goals. Their initiative is to create a better world by 2030 by ending poverty, fighting inequality and addressing the urgency of climate change and Global TLU stands with them. Find more about all 17 goals at 

The Global Goals . Working together we can build a better future.

* Over 100 prisons and detention centers visited in the USA and Uganda Africa sharing the hope that is found in knowing Jesus who loves them.


A few years back when Tanya was the speaker at a Back to School Youth Rally in McKinney, Texas, she shared with about 400 teenagers about making wise choices. After exiting the stage, she was met by a high school student who said, “do you remember me”. 

Tanya thought to herself, after teaching thousands of students in her career as an educator, maybe he was one of her former students. She said, no, not exactly. The young man said, "well I remember you”. I was in Medlock Youth Village last year and you visited me. You said, when God gives you a “do over” don’t waste your “do over” and I wanted you to know that I am not wasting my “do over”. I got out of the detention center and I am living with my aunt. I attend McKinney North High school and I am making better choices”. With a big smile on his face he gave her a hug and thanked Tanya for her words of encouragement. He remembered, because she took the time to visit, love, and encourage him. An Act of Love, transforming a life one life at a time.


Feeding the homeless is another means by which the Global TLU team make an effort to reach the vulnerable by meeting their physical need with food and clothes. On one occasion a homeless gentleman by the name of Michael with tears in his eyes said, “thank you for willing to come under a bridge to see about me, that’s love because you don’t even know me”.


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