Stewardship Training

The Global TLU team believes that financial independence is a pillar of a God honoring life, and builds strong legacies for future generations. Through a   9-week, life changing course each participant  learns to understand the connection between their smallest financial decisions and their overall financial health.


Tanya has been a certified Financial planner with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace since 2007. She has encouraged hundreds of families to have a “cash and carry” mindset.  The principal of being “Debt free” is truly freeing because the alternative is being a slave to debt and that does not render the best life possible.  Debt can be overwhelming and cause undo stress and challenges if not taught to live a debt free life.

Stewardship training involves basic financial training:

 - How to use a budget

 - Financial goal setting

 - Shifting the mindset of how we use our money


The classes are taught in small groups with the goal of creating new habits, so that when the class concludes 9 weeks later the participants are well on their way to a lifestyle of financial freedom.

Stewardship in Action

In Uganda, Africa the Global TLU team have encouraged and continue to support several Ugandan ladies who are making Ugandan jewelry that is sold in the USA and the proceeds are returned to these ladies so that they can continue to improve their livelihoods and learn the skills needed to become an entrepreneur.  Use the Connect With Us tab if you are interested in supporting these very creative and skilled ladies by purchasing some of their jewelry.



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