Our journey began in  2004 when Tanya Miller, our founder, engaged with others on a local and national level by serving the "least of these". When she visited the incarcerated and served the homeless the Lord asked her to cast her net and serve internationally.  She traveled to Uganda, Africa. As an educator by profession, she realized that the power of education is invaluable, and if available for the less fortunate it could truly change a life.


In 2007, Tanya sponsored one student, Hope,  by paying her school fees, boarding fees, providing encouragement, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Hope, who once had limited opportunities is now a nurse in her village and she too gives back to those in need.

She once shared with Tanya, " I am someone because I am learned." Hope realized that her education was provided by an Act of Love and she could provide that same Act of Love to someone else, just as Tanya provided for her.


Since 2007, Tanya and her team at Global Tendo La Upendo have sponsored more children, trained teachers, provided villages with clean water (community water wells), provided vocational training, taught discipleship classes, all while teaching people the principles of God's Word. 


The Global TLU team has enjoyed teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) and stewardship/financial classes in our communities. Families have been empowered because they are becoming proficient in the English language which provides them with better jobs and the opportunity to engage in their communities. The knowledge obtained in the stewardship/financial classes helps each family to learn the principles to become financially independent.

Each Act Of Love has empowered the people to seek the hope and future that God intends for them to live. We look forward to continuing to share Acts of Love wherever God will send our Global Tendo La Upendo Team. Acts of love - providing hope - one life at a time.

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