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English as a Second Language

Registration & Payment 

Each class offers 22, one hour sessions that meet two times a week.

Benefits of taking our classes:

  • Caring, engaging, and interactive classes

  • Price includes a student book and other resources

  • Small group setting (maximum class size of 10 students, online)

  • One on one tutoring available if needed

  • Classes are accessible by phone if a computer is not available

Read below to learn more information on the courses we offer.

We offer several ESL classes at different times and levels. If you're interested in taking a class, click on the ESL Classes button below. We will reach out to give you a placement test (via Zoom). Once your course level is determined, you will be given the link to complete your registration by signing up and paying for the recommended class. Classes involve reading, writing, and speaking with progress checks made on a regular basis.

We start classes on the first Monday of every month. Please email or call at or 972-318-2134 for the exact start date of the class you're interested in!


Each class is $225. This includes all 22 sessions, a book, and additional resources. We request that the $225 registration fee be paid in full by the close of registration. Scholarships Available (email or call to inquire). We accept payments through our website, cash, or money orders. If you have any issues with this, please let us know and we will find an alternative way to submit your payment.

Refund Policy: No refunds once the registration date is closed.

Register Today!

Click the below button to register for your desired class. If you have any questions, please call 972-318-2134.

Online Learning.

Basic ESL


First Tuesday of every month | Morning or Afternoon

This class is for students with minimal skills in English. Gain functional language for everday skills (reading, writing, and speaking). Includes 22, one hour sessions.


Adult Students

Intermediate ESL


First Monday of every month | Morning or Evening

This class is for students who can understand speech in more settings with repetition. Practice English and increase vocabulary. Includes 22, one hour sessions.


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