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Tanya Miller grew up in inner-city Detroit, Michigan to a teenage, single mother. Her mother sacrificed by working long hours so that Tanya could attend a college preparatory high school and be the first in her family to attend and graduate college. Tanya has a heart for the marginalized because she knows what it is like to be poor and struggling to make a name for herself.

Throughout her life, Tanya has served her community as a teacher, mentor, tutor, author, and coach with a spirit of love, kindness, and a willingness to offer a helping hand. The Global Tendo La Upendo team is an extension of who Tanya is in her being and the life principles that have shaped her character. All of this is displayed in each Act of Love we share with others.



Tanya is an educator by profession and has been invited to share her journey with many schools across the USA and Uganda, Africa. She tells the audience that by embracing education, she was able to change her family legacy.

Tanya has also been a certified financial planner with Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace since 2007. She has encouraged hundreds of families to have a "cash and carry" mindset.




Left to right: Irma, Tanya, Keya, Lance, Gwen and Pedro

Tanya Miller

Founder & Exec. Director

Board Member

Irma Estrada


Board Member

Keya Lawshe

Event Coordinator

Board Member

Lance Lawshe

President &Fundraising Coordinator

Board Member

Pedro Mendo

Strategic Planner & Teacher

Gwen Gillis

Prison Outreach Coordinator

Board Member

Board Member

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