Education is a key that will unlock doors of opportunity leading to better jobs, improved relationships, and positive involvement within communities. Embracing education gives you the desire to be intentional, disciplined, and consistent which are necessary tools that lead to a productive life and community.

The Global TLU team has enjoyed teaching ESL and stewardship classes in our communities. Families have become empowered by becoming proficient in the English language, providing them with better jobs and opportunities to engage in their communities. Stewardship training is life-changing because all participants in the classes are taught the power of having a budget and a new mindset as it relates to their finances.



We provide English as a Second Language classes for individuals who want to learn English. We offer both personal and group learning environments.



We offer a 9-week basic financial training course, as well as encourage and support several Ugandan women who make jewelry as a small business.



We are currently sponsoring several students at Master Cares Christian School and Wellspring Primary School in Uganda, Africa.



We currently offer GED (High School Equivalency) classes to get students prepared to take the GED test.



A $500-$1,000 award donated to a female student in honor of Yvette Mathis, a vibrant woman who loved life and she valued education because of its impact in someone's life. This scholarship will empower a student in need.



We currently offer a Citizenship class to get students prepared to take their Citizenship test.



Through ESL, we teach classes for anyone who wants to learn English as a second language. We offer personal and group learning environments to meet every need. Using a performance-based, holistic curriculum we empower and equip students to be the best they can be in their new country and community.

With the increased international population in the Dallas, Texas metroplex, we have had the opportunity to teach many students from all over the globe, making Global TLU's reach truly international.

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in Action

We believe that financial independence is a pillar of a God-honoring life, and builds strong legacies for future generations. Through a 9-week course, each participant learns to understand the connection between their smallest financial decisions and their overall financial health.

As a certified financial planner, Tanya believes the principle of being "debt-free" is truly freeing because the alternative is being a slave to debt. Debt can be overwhelming and cause undue stress and challenges.

Our stewardship training involves basic financial training: how to use a budget, financial goal setting, and shifting the mindset of how we use our money. The classes are taught in small groups with the goal of creating new habits so that at the conclusion, the participants are well on their way to a lifestyle of financial freedom.

In Uganda, Africa the Global TLU team has encouraged and continue to support several Ugandan women who are making Ugandan jewelry that is sold in the USA. The proceeds are returned to these women so they can continue to improve their livelihoods and learn the skills needed to become an entrepreneur.

Yvette Mathis Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Yvette Mathis was a vibrant woman who loved life. On May 27, 2019, she won her battle with cancer by walking into the arms of Jesus. This memorial scholarship is in memory of Yvette's love for education and desire to assist a female student that could be educated if supported financially. I will forever be grateful for Yvette's testimony, that no matter how difficult life may be, you can be

an overcomer and you can walk in grace and wholeness. Hope has a name and it's Jesus, love has a name and it's Jesus, salvation has a name and it's Jesus.

This $500-$1,000 award will be donated to a female student who fits the scholarship qualifications. The student will be featured on the Global TLU website once selected.

Little children, let us not love in word or speech, but in action and in truth.

1 JOHN 3:18



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